Stephen McCabe is the inventor of the poplojik building system. His method of construction holds patents in the USA, UK, France, and Germany.  Born and educated in the United Kingdom, he is a production designer based in Los Angeles. He studied Stage Design at Wimbledon University of Arts London, and has designed over 30 productions for film, TV, and the stage. In 2004 he was nominated for an Art Directors Guild Award for Best Production Design for the film 'Under The Tuscan Sun'. He is currently Production Designer on the hit TV series 'Crazy Ex-girlfriend' on the CW network.

His specialization in architecture, costume, and armor, have been combined in the development of poplojik. His construction system is both educational, entertaining, and puts a new spin on the construction toy.

See below: TED-EX MENDOCINO   "A Process of Design" the development of the poplojik building system.