Made from flexible, food-safe polypropylene. Each toy contains ‘polysnap’ connectors, which join components together, and function as decorative add-ons.


PLAY OBJECTIVES: COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT. - Encourage concentration and focus. - Develop hand-eye coordination. - Improve spatial skills and shape recognition. - Foster experimentation and invention.


TO IMAGINE - the ability to form mental images of places, things, or events.

PLAY OBJECTIVES: IMAGINATIVE DEVELOPMENT. - Develop role-play and pretend play. - Stimulate story telling. - Expand imaginative thinking. - Inspire historical play.


TO PLAY - to engage in a game, amuse oneself, or to fulfill a role.

PLAY OBJECTIVES: PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT - Improve dexterity. - Build physical confidence. - Strengthen fine and gross motor skills. - Cultivate coordination, and reflexes.


TO DEVELOP - to grow or unfold; to bring out possibilities.

PLAY OBJECTIVES: SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. - Promote communication and interaction. - Cultivate cooperation and collaboration. - Strengthen language skills with new words. - Develop independence.


TO TRANSFORM - to radically change in form, appearance, or structure.

PLAY OBJECTIVES: EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT. - Improve perception. - Foster judgment and reasoning. - Understand strategy and objectives. - Build self-confidence and self esteem through accomplishment.